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Birthdate:Apr 5, 1989
Location:New London, Connecticut, United States of America
Your name is Skellie. Well. Online it is, at least. You are some kind of human. Some kind of gay female human. You just recently celebrated your 24th birthday. God you feel old.

You spend most of your days CHILLING AROUND ONLINE with VARIOUS CHUMS from all over the globe, though half the time you aren’t talking to them unless they address you directly as you are most often occupied by BAD ART, BAD FANFICTION, and DRAWINGS OF YOUR OWN.

However, you also enjoy GOOD FANFICTION and have a SMALL ARMADA OF SHIPS spanning VARIOUS FANDOMS that you tend to focus on . You also DRAW them on occasion. And WRITE them, though any fanfiction that may come into existence is NEVER POSTED ANYWHERE.

You also spend too many nights a week PLAYING PEN AND PAPER RPGS ONLINE. So sad. In fact, most of your human interaction is done online. It probably isn’t good for you but it’s better than nothing.

You also fancy yourself a BUDDING MUSIC CONNOISSEUR, enjoying bands such as JETHRO TULL, IRON MAIDEN, TSUNAMI BOMB, and LUSH. It’s taking some time but you’re branching out into things you’d normally not listen to. Overall, it is proving to be a rewarding experience.

As an ARTIST BY HOBBY, you also find joy in every form of ANIMATION imaginable as well as VIDEOGAMES and COMICS. It all downright fascinates you and one of your biggest dreams is to become a CHARACTER DESIGNER for a TV series, movie, or game.
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